Every person has their own understanding of perfection and in this day and age, there are plenty of posts, tweets, and Instagram’s of what that may be. Perfection has its limitations as far as perception and understanding. But and this is a very big but, vacations are the exception. People just want to get away from the stigma of routine, ordinary life. A break from the monotony of adulting is exactly what is needed. There are many ways to get away but camping in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is flawless. It is springtime and the weather is perfect. The beach…Continue reading
The start of a new year brings a sense of freshness and a feeling of excitement. Most bring forth with a new attitude of “this is going to be my year” and why not? All of us deserve a good year.  If you are a planner then you probably have most of your year scheduled. If you fly by the seat of your pants, you probably don’t even know what you're going to have for dinner. You might not be either extreme and fall somewhere on the spectrum. The cool part is that no matter your preparation level, it's never…Continue reading
While camping in Myrtle Beach offers wonderful accommodations at award-winning campgrounds, their locations allow easy access to the areas major attractions including golf, shopping, fishing, dining, and more. Not to mention the beautiful scenery along the lakes and oceanfront. This time of year, the weather is not too hot or cold...it is just right. So, choose your campsite and “Feel the Fall” that can only be experienced in Myrtle Beach. It is that period of the year when life gets back to a routine and we began to prepare for the holiday seasons. Careful planning and informed decision-making can make…Continue reading
The question is often asked, “What to do in Myrtle Beach?” especially during the summer time. One of the most obvious choices is to enjoy the natural beauty of the seashores and coastline. Myrtle Beach offers clean sandy beaches and refreshing waves of water filled fun. One of the most fantastic camping destinations in the world, Myrtle Beach offers a diverse choice of campgrounds that compare to no other. Oceanside, lakeside, and shade filled campsites are available for when you bring your family to camp Myrtle Beach. Feel like Teeing it up? Swing away at the award-winning golf courses that…Continue reading
Spring has arrived with the perfect warm weather for Myrtle Beach Camping. It’s time to head to the beach to enjoy some blue skied days under the Carolina sun. There are so many fantastic choices when camping in Myrtle Beach, and that must be why it is referred to as “The Camping Capital of the World”.  One of the many benefits of camping in Myrtle Beach is that it brings the family together for some much-needed bonding time. Shut down the tablets, turn off the smart phones and experience all that Myrtle Beach has to offer. Plenty of shops and…Continue reading
A few years ago, my wife suggested that we go to Myrtle Beach for the holidays. Since we love to camp, we checked out the opportunities available at CampMyrtleBeach.com. We decided to take advantage of the excellent savings offered by each of the campground and created a bucket list of each one we wanted to visit. This was probably one of our best ideas ever as we have been able to make wonderful holiday memories, enjoy the sights and sounds of Myrtle Beach, and get our camping “fix” for the season. Over the years we have brought our own RV,…Continue reading
I remember my father and I standing at the edge of the sand dunes and watching the beautiful waves of the Atlantic gently make their way on shore. It was 1979, I was about five years old, my dad took my hand and told me we were going to see something special today. I was scared and excited. As the moon began to cover the sun, the ocean never looked so alive. That’s my only memory of a solar eclipse.  My family was camping down in Myrtle Beach that beautiful day. It’s a memory that I will never forget. Over…Continue reading
Just as a new day begins with the warming rays of the sun, a new season begins with the sights and sounds of spring. Beautiful colors blend with the peaceful chirps and hums from Mother Nature filling the refreshing air with renewed spirit. Camping in Myrtle Beach is the perfect destination to recover from winter’s hibernation. It is time to dust off the calendar and get your vacation plans ready. Tired of cramming into a small hotel room and regretting not experiencing a new way to enjoy your well-deserved rest. How about spending a week being kissed by the Carolina…Continue reading
Every year it’s the same situation. You plan to take the family on vacation to Myrtle Beach but something always happens to prevent you from following through. The staffs at the campgrounds of Myrtle Beach understand and they are here to make sure this year is different. Don’t let summer pass you by this season because these welcoming properties have various different ways to accommodate your needs. Imagine the look on your family’s faces as you tell them to “pack it up, cause we are going camping at the beach!” You deserve the break. They deserve the break and now…Continue reading
The month of June kicks off the exciting summer of Myrtle Beach 2016. So many things to do, so many places to eat, shop, golf, and pretty much whatever suites your fancy is right here on the Grand Strand. This period of year it seems like everyone wants to come play at the same time. Well the campgrounds of Myrtle Beach understand. That is why they make it so easy not to leave your campground while you are enjoying your stay with them. One of the cool things about Camping Myrtle Beach is that each location offers something special just…Continue reading