While camping in Myrtle Beach offers wonderful accommodations at award-winning campgrounds, their locations allow easy access to the areas major attractions including golf, shopping, fishing, dining, and more. Not to mention the beautiful scenery along the lakes and oceanfront. This time of year, the weather is not too hot or cold…it is just right. So, choose your campsite and “Feel the Fall” that can only be experienced in Myrtle Beach.

It is that period of the year when life gets back to a routine and we began to prepare for the holiday seasons. Careful planning and informed decision-making can make this special time a breeze. Knowing that you and your family can enjoy special festivals and celebrations makes the coming months advantageous and curious.

September and October are full of celebrations, festivals, exhibitions, and displays of imagination and creativity. Sing and dance to local musicians while feasting on your favorite Italian dish, fresh shrimp recipes, or Carolinas own famous Chicken Bog. Appreciate the enchantment of local arts and crafts or enjoy the beach tradition of dancing “Shag” style. All kinds of action are going in Myrtle Beach over the next few months so come and Camp Myrtle Beach and experience them all. Be sure to check out the Area Events page on this website to see “all that is happening”.