Stretch your Summer into a Fabulous Fall

It is that time of year when most have seen their summer vacations come to an end. Family and friends are slowly shifting gears, getting ready for back to school and the dreaded, everyday routines. But don t let summer slip away so fast and explore what camping in Myrtle Beach has to offer. Check out these points to ponder before you say goodbye to summer.


Myrtle Beach is one of America’s favorite vacation destinations. Visitors, like you, have been enjoying the Grand Strand for decades and generations of families continue to return each year. If you have never been, this is the perfect time of year for a weekend get-away or an extended stay. Don’t miss out on all that Myrtle Beach has to offer.


The weather is gorgeous in late August, September, and October. Temperatures usually range in the 70’s and the Carolina sun is beaming away. Still warm enough to swim in the pools, play in the parks, and jump in the waves of the scenic Atlantic. No snow. No ice. Just weather that is oh so nice.    


All the people that pack Myrtle Beach in the summertime have left. There is room to breathe and traffic is no longer bumper to bumper. The long lines at the restaurants have vanished and it doesn’t take all day to visit your favorite attractions. This alone is reason enough to visit Myrtle Beach this time of year. Come experience the salt life like never before and enjoy the relaxation and peacefulness. 


All the awesome attractions are still here. Savory restaurants, incredible shops, and championship golf courses are nestled in Myrtle Beach for your pleasure. Tourist favorites, like Broadway at the Beach and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade, stand proud and await your arrival. The beaches of Myrtle have seen millions enjoy romantic walks in the sand and the soothing sounds of the tide rolling in and out has pacified countless guests.


Camp Myrtle Beach has wonderful campgrounds with just about every type of campsite you can imagine. Take your pick of these oceanfront, lakeside, and timber-lined locations. Each campground offers its own unique experience and amenities. All the staffs will be happy to assist you in choosing which campground will best remedy the wants and needs of you and your family. Make sure and click on each campground icon for further details and take advantage of the invaluable vacation deals and offers during these months.

Deep down you know you don’t want your summer to end. The best part is it doesn’t have to slip away. Myrtle Beach is waiting, right here, for you to return or visit for the first time. No schedules. No carpools. No meetings. No redundant routine. Come experience one of the best locations, with gorgeous weather, uninterrupted by crowds, featuring awesome attractions, and the best camping Myrtle Beach has to offer!