Wow! Just got back from camping in Myrtle Beach and it was great. The warm Carolina sun and beautiful Atlantic Ocean were just what our family needed after being cramped up in our home for months. The fresh air and playing in the waves made us so grateful for the wonderful outdoors. If you and your family are looking to get away, then give camping in Myrtle Beach a try. They have various campgrounds in a variety of locations on the Grand Strand that will accommodate all of your camping needs. We found our favorite destination on

We were concerned about conditions because of the pandemic but all those fears were removed when we saw how well the facility implemented procedures for sanitization and safety. We still went swimming in the pools and at the beach. We were impressed with the social distancing policies and the staff’s willingness to explain new guidelines for the campground. It did not take long for us to start enjoying our vacation and immerse ourselves in stress free relaxation.

 Myrtle Beach is open for business as well. Many restaurants were eager to serve customers and it was nice to be handed a menu that did not involve take-out or delivery.  Shops were dressed in their summer colors and celebrating people shopping again. I know my wife and daughters were excited to get back to Broadway at the Beach and visit their stores. Even better was to sit and enjoy the fireworks show with the family. It was great to hear the laughs and see the smiles.

Took my youngest daughter fishing at one the many lakes at the campground. It was her first fishing adventure and she landed a whopper…well maybe not that big but it was all she talked about for days. My wife and teenage daughter took to the paddleboats to get in their daily exercise, and of course we engaged in family walks through the campground and down to the beach, enjoying the sights and sounds of Mother Nature.

It was an awesome get away. It was a week filled with gentle memories and a sense of normalcy. Our family needed the pleasant distraction from the daily grind, and we cannot wait to go back. Life may never get back to the way it was, but our camping trip was a step in the right direction. Take the time to give your family what they deserve and get them down to Myrtle Beach for a well-deserved camping vacation.