My wife and I were playing in the waves with our children when an elderly and wise looking man approached me and admired our family. “First time camping in Myrtle Beach?” he asked. “Sure is. How can you tell?” I replied.  “Reminds me of my family when we first started. We have been coming for over 40 years now. Great place to bring the family and get reacquainted. No stresses, headaches, or worn out nerves here. It is just a fantastic place to recharge the batteries and make countless family memories. They have so much to do at all the campgrounds. We have stayed at all of them over the years and each of them is unique with their special qualities. All of them make you feel safe and part of the family.

We have met so many new friends and interesting people while camping over the years. Our children have made some of their best friends here and can’t wait to see them each time we visit. They ride bikes, make crafts, play miniature golf, monkey around on the playground, and even jump the waves like your kids are doing. My oldest son reminds me all the time of how much fun and freedom he had at the campgrounds growing up. He didn’t feel “all bunched up” in a room but had acres of room to wander. He takes his kids camping too. I guess I was able to pass that on to him.  We tried staying at hotels and condos, but the experience just isn’t the same as when you’re camping together.

Our lodgings have grown over the years .We started out with a small pop-up camper and now we have a fully functional RV. No matter what we brought to the campground they had a campsite that worked for us. I don’t think there is a bad campsite in the whole place. One year we even stayed at one of the rental villas they had and it was wonderful. They don’t miss a beat around here with all the different types of accommodations that are available. Another great thing about camping is that you can bring your technology with you because there is free WI-FI all over the campground. So laptops, tablets and smart phones are welcome here which seems to make the family very happy.

My wife likes the fact we never have to leave the campground for anything. She can travel around in a golf cart (it is pretty convenient they rent those right here on site) and go to the camp store and get supplies. They even have laundry facilities so all those clothes don’t pile up. She has always been impressed with how clean the bath houses are maintained. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I have seen any of the campgrounds ever be unkempt. We have always enjoyed the staffs at each place and they make sure your stay is hassle free. That makes my wife happy which means everybody is happy” he said with a wink and a chuckle.

“Alright I spoke too much as usual but seeing your family there brought me back in time. I remember tucking my kids in at night and watching them sleep so peacefully. I like the fact they have quiet time at the campgrounds so everyone can enjoy a good night’s rest. Well nice meeting you son. You keep bringing your family camping. You won’t regret it. I promise.” And as he slowly walked away my wife asked “Who was that?” and I said “My future…”